Meet Mj Callaway, CSP

Organizations hire high-energy speaker Mj Callaway when they want a reputable sales trainer who has walked her talk.

Mj Callaway head shot (2)When a co-worker told Mj she wouldn’t make it in the building profession, she signed more than $14 million in contracts a year. Her sales tenacity proved she could make it in this male-dominated industry.

With more than 20 years in professional sales and training, Mj understands that hustle alone doesn’t bring success. That’s why she gives sales professionals the skills and tools they need to forge buying relationships with today’s consumers. Using humorous analogies like Pink Elephant, Tug-a-War, and Rebel Teens, clients can easily identify with actions that improve close ratios. Her clients consistently generate rapid growth and increased sales post-training, and they rave about her energetic style and easy-to-implement methods.

Mj has a unique perspective of sales. She has sold to all three generations: Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials. As a sales trainer, she has trained all three generations with an unusual twist. She has worked with more than 200 Millennials during the past two years. She has embraced the Millennial mindset, learning firsthand with three Millennial kids in her family.

Using her expertise to hit bestselling status, two of her Warner Books publications sold more than 100,000 copies. She has won four Gold Awards from Parenting Media Association (PMA), a global company, and sold a children’s game to Disney. Her current book, Sales Success Roadmap, is available on

Mj resonates with the tough times that hit building and construction companies. She knows first-hand what it’s like to thrive during tough times. Seven years ago, Mj started over with $500 and a few personal belongings when her safety was threatened. She built her training company from the ground up after facing this life-threatening situation, as well as a life-threatening cancer diagnosis. She has been told she has the tenacity of a pit bull, though nicer than one.

Core Values for Mj Callaway & Company

Promise to Our Clients: To build high-performing sales teams, in the building and construction industries, using trust-driven principles that drive results.

Cultivate Client Connections: To form magnetic relationships with our clients, while inspiring our clients to aim for revenue-building goals and outcomes that are true to the organization’s vision.

Partner with Our Clients: To develop partner-style relationships as we equip our clients with sales confidence and strategies.

Promote Positive Principles and Purpose: To remain tenaciously positive in the face of adversity. To stay focused on our purpose of providing a strong sales foundation to others and remain true to our core values.

Incorporate Trust and Integrity: To bring the foundation of integrity and trust as the highest standards of our sales training.

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Our Mission

To empower individuals and organizations to create effective conversations that will increase sales. We strive to provide training and coaching that will develop clients to be the best they can be authentically and achieve their desired goals.

Our Approach

As information continues to be readily available to buyers, sales success will depend on engagement, strategic and interpersonal skills and sales system.

Every coaching and training program is facilitated by Mj Callaway, described by audiences as “engaging, inspiring and delivers concepts in a fun way!” Our impactful, interactive keynotes, workshops and seminars are all designed with a single purpose in mind: to help our clients create more effective sales conversations to produce more sales and increase profits.

All coaching and training programs are customized to our clients. We bring with us a “customer-focus” sales approach to improve your sales and increase your revenue.