Powerhouse Selling

Mj Callaway’s 4-step system will teach you how to increase sales in the digital age.

Manipulative selling is sales “done the old-school way.” Today’s customers take charge of how they buy, where they shop, and who gets their business.

Buyers are:

  • Internet hunters
  • Product-savvy
  • Price trackers

So how do you stand out?

In today’s economy, sales success is all about creating partnerships with your buyers, especially the Millennial market. Create a partnership, recognize their communication signals, and understand the emotions behind their decisions. You’ll find the sweet spot that makes buyers say “yes.”

In this workshop, Mj shares her 4-step system that she used to sign more than $14 million a year in contracts in a male-dominated industry.

You will learn:

  • How to produce interactive conversations that increase close ratios
  • How to understand buyer’s verbal and nonverbal emotions that make or break a sale
  • How to build the right experience for each individual buyer
  • How to use the power of buyer consensus to sell more

Building strong sales teams is like building a house. They need a blueprint and tools to get the job done. Mj Callaway’s system is all about the results your team will get. She delivers the blueprint your organization needs to power up your sales and grow your bank account.

Who benefits from this program?

Sales professionals who want to increase their close ratio, client base, and commissions. Companies that want their sales teams to hit their sales quotas, grow their consumer base (including the Millennial market), and increase their revenue. Anyone who wants to improve his or her business.

What does the program teach?

This half-day to full-day workshop will teach your sales team the 4 selling steps that make buyers say “yes.” With these 4 simple steps, your team will stop spinning their wheels and close more deals. You can even customize the program and its length!

When organizations want to generate rapid sales growth, and increase their sales quotas and profits, they call Mj Callaway at 724.396.4162 or email her at Mj@MjCallaway.com.

Capture these consumers ages 35 and under now, or be left empty-handed!

You’ve lost the Millennial consumer because you or your team…

1. Can’t speak their language

2. Don’t understand their beliefs

3. Missed the “I’m ready to buy” cues

Your sales fail because…

1. You don’t validate your buyer’s interest during buying cycle.

2. Buyers, especially Millennials, don’t believe you.

3. You didn’t uncover the emotional trigger to create action.