Ask people if they want to have more effective conversations with their buyers, close more sales, increase revenue, and they will say “YES!”

That’s not easy to do when they don’t know how to recognize the warnings signs they’re losing the sale. Because most people have the same “get the sale” conversations over and over again, yet expect different results. They feel stuck, stressed to hit required quotas and frustrated because they’re not reaching goals.

Guess what? It doesn’t have to stay that way.

With her high energy and inspiring style, sales retention expert Mj Callaway empowers participants with the tools they need to increase profits by saving more sales. They’ll show up every day ready to step up and create buyer-focused conversations to effectively sell more.

Mj’s programs are interactive, engaging and filled with humorous anecdotes audience members can apply easily. Participants will find plenty of substance behind her upbeat presence. As a sales retention expert, Mj shares simple, real-world strategies that can be used immediately in sales conversations.

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Selling to America’s Largest Generation: You Can’t Afford to Ignore Millennials

Struggling sales? By 2020, America’s Largest Generation will turn into the largest consumer group. You can’t afford to ignore Millennials. Captures consumers ages 35 and under now…or be left empty-handed. Attract, earn and retain Millennials with Mj Callaway’s proven system.

Your sales team will crush their sales quotas when Mj shares the techniques and tools that skyrocketed her sales with ages 35 and under.

Your Sales Increase When You:

  • Apply 3 simple actions that drive Millennials to buy.
  • Replace scripted conversations with insight to engage this generation in an effective buying cycle
  • Use Mj’s “triple E” secret sauce recipe to attract ages 35 and under
  • Eliminate the dreaded “what’s the price?” sales destroyer
  • Recognize Millennials unique buying pattern

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You can’t afford to lose customers. Learn key strategies to redirect your conversation, save the sale, and increase close ratio.

This program offers the following benefits:

  • Understand the fundamental reasons sales are lost
  • Recognize the warning signals of a sale going south
  • Use telltale signs to turnaround a sales conversation
  • Discover what will create a positive ripple effect in your conversations


Sinking into a sales rut can feel like you’re stuck in a maze with no way out.  You can get out! You can become a sales magnet, close more sales, and put more money into your pocket!

This program offers the following benefits:

  • Understand how to calm buyer’s feeling of risk
  • Learn three key stages to effective communication
  • Recognize the crucial part to discovering buyer’s problem
  • Boost confidence in closing sales