You came to the right place to get your downloadable examples Mj Callaway shared in Bounce-Up: Outpower Adversity, Boost Resilience, Rebound Higher so that you can become more resilient and you can Bounce-Up™.

  • In Chapter 4, Mj Callaway shared how she created her Power Team, which was another Game Changer for her in her pursuit of resilience and Bouncing-Up™. This Power Team worksheet will help you build your Power Team.
  • In Bounce-UpChapter 5, you walked through the Super-Size-You Activity to find your Super-Size-You Powers, recognizing your resilient strengths. Your Super-Size-You exercise contains your Power Words, too. Download the Super-Size-You activity here so that every day is a Bounce-Up™ day.
  • In Chapter 5, one of the Game-Changers was Word Collage. When you put your Power Words into a word collage, you know you can outpower adversity, boost resilience, and become unshakable. Here’s Mj’s example

I can’t think of anyone more qualified to write this book than Mj Callaway, who lives and breathes how to bounce-up from setbacks. 

Dr. Renee Thompson

CEO and Founder, The Healthy Workforce Institute

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