How to Double Your Company’s Sales


By Mj Callaway, CSP

You might question why some sales people can double their sales numbers and others miss their quotas month after month.  If you’re a sales manager or business owner, you probably struggle trying to figure it out.  You’re not alone.

Unfortunately, about 60 percent of sales people never hit their quota.  Multiply 60 percent of failed deals by the number of sales people on your team and your company’s lost revenue probably hits the million(s) mark.

No doubt there’s many reasons from missing key buyer clues to selling too fast.  That’s a conversation for another post.

Want to double your sales?

Hire people who faced adversity.  

Tough times strengthens the person’s ability and broadens his perspective.

Here are three reasons:

  1. Someone who overcame a tough time will not be afraid of a simple “no” answer. He will not be afraid of rejection.  A “no” will not be the worst situation he faced.
  2. When someone hit a hardship, he had to ask for help. Asking for help can be a humbling experience.  To ask for the sale ranks a low risk question for someone who has had to ask for help during rough patches.
  3. A person who dealt with adversity can see beyond a buyer’s obstacles, objections. He had to look at the problem from different angles, ask himself or others targeted questions, and he listened. He listened to get to the best solution that works for the situation he faced.  This person knows how to listen.  He knows what transformation is all about.  This person can look at a buyer’s problem, ask targeted, listen, and transform his buyer’s world.

Why are these three reasons crucial?  Because:

  • Almost half of sales people fear rejection.
  • Some will never ask for the sale.
  • Others stay stuck in their sales rut—the way they always did it.

The next time you’re ready to hire a member for your sales team, ask “What’s a challenge you faced?  How did you overcome it?”

The right answer can increase, or better yet, double your sales revenue.

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