Over the weekend, one question continued to surface about Chronicles Issue #46. How did Berry Gordy see a repeatable system when others couldn’t? This question initiated some great ideas about the how and had me digging a little deeper into Berry’s story. One tidbit I discovered Berry gave time to think about what would become Berry Gordy’s Motown Business Model. He shared his idea with those close to him. More than likely, as he talked about it, he created additional ideas for his business model.

How can we spin-off his example and other well-known companies like 3M, Google, and PixelSpoke? Find out in this week’s Chronicles issue.


Bounce-Up™ Momentum Builders

  1. What system or idea has caught your attention?
  2. What routine task could use a little tweaking for efficiency?
  3. Who marches to his/her own drummer and would be a great brainstorming partner?

Mj Happenings

Over the past few weeks, I interviewed 20 businesswomen who thrived during the pandemic and shared their business resilience strategies in the soon-to-be-released book Twenty Won.

Until next time, Power-Up, Play-Up, and Bounce-Up!


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