Wishing you Irish blessings today and every day!

Can you believe it’s been a year since the start of the pandemic’s roller coaster of ups and downs?  Did you have high hopes for 2020? I did. After kicking off 2020 with the first two months recovering from surgery (imagine no working or driving), I was ready to rock my business. Using that downtime, I scheduled on-site training sessions, conference keynotes, and my Bounce-Up book launch. Then, life’s unpredictable events happened.

When one of my clients called to cancel on-site training sessions, he said, “Mj, I wish you had digital courses.” It reminded me of the saying, “Our customers tell us what business we’re in.”

As you can imagine, I wished I had digital courses, too! I’d love to share that I jumped right into course creation, but my optimistic outlook thought we’d be back to normal by summertime. Did you have similar thoughts?

When that didn’t happen, I knew I needed to make some changes the same way I did during the 2008-2009 recession. At first, out of curiosity, I surveyed clients, consumers, and colleagues about their changes during the pandemic. Most of the changes had to do with their buying behaviors, from downsizing to switching brands. Intrigued by the shift, the knowledge pushed me to dig into published reports by top-notch consumer research companies.

In a conversation with one of my past clients, I mentioned my findings, and he asked if I would present a “Selling In a Post COVID World” workshop. If you’ve kept track, that’s twice a client suggested a product.

Finally, finally, finally. I DID IT! I jumped in. I combined the strategies I implemented to sell three times my sales quota post-recession, the current buying behavior changes I gathered and my resilient-driven sales plan into one results-oriented program called Selling In A Post COVID World. (Psst. Check out the introductory promotion until March 31, 2021.)

I’ll admit, once I had gotten started, a bigger vision surfaced. As of today, I’ve launched Bounce-Up University as the platform for my digital programs with a plan to release one affordable results-driven digital program every quarter.

The next time a client or colleague offers a suggestion:

  • Pause. Write down the suggestion and the reason he/she suggested it.

  • Schedule 30 minutes to think about the idea.

  • Brainstorm the suggestion and how it occurred with your Power Team members.

  • Visualize where this new idea can take you.

Although none of us would want to go through the past year again, it made each of us more resilient personally and professionally. We improvised. We grew. We bounced-up™.

Bounce-Up™ Momentum Builders

1.     What has a client or colleague suggested you create, change, or do?

2.     When have clients or colleagues looked to you for advice?

3.     Over the past year, what have you visualized that you’d like to start, create, or implement?

Mj Happenings

Last week I presented my program Sale or No Sale to women in business. This week kicked off Bounce-Up University. And March 31, 2021 will kick off the Twenty WON video campaign. More to follow.

Until next time, make it a Bounce-Up™ day!


P.S. Did you catch my Business Notes interview with Diane Bogino? Would love to hear your takeaways.