In January, I met Susan Frew via Zoom. I can imagine some of you could be groaning right now. Yes, Zoom can be tiresome and cause Zoom fatigue. Simultaneously, this platform offers an easy and convenient way to meet new people and build strong relationships.

During our conversation, Susan shared an unbelievable story of being blindsided by someone she considered part of her work family. Worse yet, this person cost Susan a $1,000,000 mistake. Yes, ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Susan shared one heck of a setback and how she Bounced-Up™ in this Chronicles issues.



Bounce-Up™ Momentum Builders

  1. When have you been blindsided by someone you trust?
  2. What part of Susan’s story resonated with you?
  3. What was your takeaway from Susan’s adversity?

Mj Happenings

Here’s one of my first testimonies for Selling In A Post COVID World from a Chronicles member.


Yesterday I watched Module 1 in its entirety while taking a lot of notes (there is so much great content in what you are saying). Today, I made the time to watch Module 2, also in its entirety…and took screenshots of your PowerPoint slides. I am now in the process of doing my detailed evaluation. If you folks reading this have not yet made your investment in this series, may I suggest you do it now…you will be completely satisfied!

Denny Scalese

Until next time, Power-Up, Play-Up, and Bounce-Up!


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