Retail Store Going Out Of Business

by Mj Callaway

This week a few colleagues and I attended an event to minimize the stuff in your life, specifically your wardrobe.  The Tiny Wardrobe Tour event held at Uptown Sweats by Kiya Tomlin, another colleague’s design studio, was a perfect background for Courtney Carver’s Project 333.

Courtney shared her story of how health, debt, and stuff played into her choice to keep only 33 items (clothes, jewelry, shoes, and handbag) in her closet for three months.  The audience sat amazed, listening to Courtney’s story.  We could picture the roller coaster of emotions as she shared her journey of “buying clothes she couldn’t afford and worrying about debt she couldn’t pay”.

Throughout the stories Courtney shared, what grabbed my attention was “less”.  Less clothing to clutter your life.  Less stuff to buy.  Less time to shop.  Less debt to pay down.

Less gives you more.

As a sales trainer and author, the word “less” seemed magnified for me.  Less items fit Courtney’s new microbusiness and “less” talking fits is a huge ingredient in my sales training programs.  Less is more.

Less telling + less talking = more sales

How do you know if you need to talk less in your sales conversations? Tell less?

Here are three ways to identify if you’re talking too much.

  1. Are you giving more information about how your product or service works, than your buyer asked? In this information dump, are you coming up for a breath of air?
  2. Have you mentioned you, your company, and information about your company, your company’s awards, when the company started, how long it’s been in business, and/or your products or service in the first ten minutes? Have you said some variation of “here’s what we can do?”
  3. Is your buyer offering minimal responses? If you were to count your words in one column and your buyer’s words in another, would your word column be bigger?

Answering “yes” to any of these questions, you have “more” talk and telling.  As a result, you’ll have less sales.

Instead, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Talk less.
  2. Tell less.
  3. Ask more questions to create more dialogue with your buyers.

When you talk less, your buyer will have the opportunity to talk more.  When your buyer talks more, he reveals more information, which enables you to connect your product/service to his needs. When you can do this, you will close more sales.  Less talking gets better results.

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