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When you want a high-energy speaker with impactful content—it’s Mj Callaway. Download Mj’s One-Sheet, Program Topics, Pre-event Questionnaire, Photos and more.


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Mj Callaway
Mj Callaway
Mj Callaway
Mj Callaway
Mj Callaway

“If a city could harness your energy, they could light their buildings for a year!

Rex Rutkoski

Valley News Dispatch

“Mj’s presentation is lively and engaging as she shares suggestions for being more effective in sales. I greatly enjoyed Mj’s program and took away some good points, particularly around the steps Create Visualization and Remove the Pink Elephant. Mj has great energy and I would recommend her services for anyone who wants to be better at selling a product, service or idea.”

Ilana Ivan

Online Media Specialist

Event Moments

“Your message about ‘adversity’ was moving and motivating, and your upbeat attitude and contagious positivity were entertaining and refreshing. The attendees were so inspired – they couldn’t stop talking about you! I’ll be working my way through your “tips” too! Thank you so much!”

Sue Portera

Riverside Women’s Association