3 Powerful Reasons You Need Millennials on Your Sales Team


“Those darn Millennials!”  Whether you’re a Millennial or not, how many times have you hear this statement?  What’s ironic.  Whatever your generational zone, Baby Boomers, or Gen X, the same has been said about your generation, too.

Discover 3 reasons Millennials makes great sales people.

  1. Tech savvy. Having cut their teeth on technology Millennials adapt easily to new technology.  Because they adapt easily to technology, they’ll adapt easily to new systems and software programs introduced by your company.  Millennials use technology to their advantage, challenging status quo to find a quicker, more productive way.  Millennial Michelle Phan (YouTube Personality), Nick D’Alorsio (Summly) and David Karp (Tumblr) did just that.  With the aid of technology, they turned their startups into multi-million-dollar companies.
  2. Information seekers. Millennials have had the world at their fingertips from a young age.  They seek answers.  They ask for advice.  They request recommendations. Millennials follow brands more than any other generation, which helps them understand the buying process.  Using their curiosity for information, Millennials will ask the questions to find the answers they need to move buyers forward.
  3. Connect socially. Millennials are well connected and have a strong desire to stay connected.  They’re aware of social media opportunities, how to find resources, and how to use these openings to their advantage.  Being connected enables Millennials to prospect more efficiently, network with other professionals, and create opportunities for themselves.  Consider Ignatious Carmouche who appeared on The Voice blind auditions because he won a Snapchat contest.

Each generation offers a uniqueness when it comes to sales.  Are you making the most of your generational differences to increase your company’s bottom line?

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