How Your Sales Questions Miss the Target?  Three Reasons Targeted Sales Questions Close More Sales

By Mj Callaway

When a boxer gets tired, instead of throwing an upper cut, jab or combination, he throws an arm punch.  An arm punch is a tired, useless punch.  Ineffective against an opponent hitting his target (you) with a jab, uppercut or hook.

If questions were boxing punches, most salespeople would throw ineffective “arm punches” most of the time.


During one of my recent training sessions in one of the southern states, participants were working on targeted questions to share.  I overheard…

“Do you own land?”

Definitely, this question is example of an arm punch.

It’s a typical, blah-blah sales question that gives an answer.  “Yes, they have land.” “No, they don’t have land.”

Let’s take this idea and change the question to produce stronger responses, which will help you close more sales.

“How long have you owned your land?”

What makes this sales questions more effective in closing more sales?

  1. Gives you the yes/no answer you wanted to know originally. However, it gives you more information faster.
  2. You discover how long the buyers owned the land.
  3. You’ll uncover how this relates to the buying process. When it’s a recent purchase, they’re early in the buying process. When they’ve own the land for some time, you’ve discovered a clue.  Now you have another line of targeted questions to ask.  What has happened that they have not developed or built on the land.

Targeted questions shorten your path to qualify your buyer, while discovering what your buyer needs.   The more targeted questions you ask, the less questions you ask and the easier it is to close more sales.  What questions do you need to rewrite?

Stayed tuned for the next article in Mj Callaway’s Targeted Questions Series.

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