In 2016, I participated in Mj Callaway’s five-week workshop: Rock More Sales. Four years and two positions later, and I am still carrying that purple folder, all the notes, and her book, “Sales Success Roadmap – Your GPS to Boost Your Sales” with me to use as resources. Not only do I adore Mj as a person, I admire her as a businesswoman and a sales professional. I believe a lot of sales trainers and business coaches get a bad rap; and many people do not see the value in having someone from the “outside” train them on what they live and breathe every day. Mj digs in to understand her client’s business and pain points and she creates relatable, useful, real-life solutions.

She is not only a meaningful business connection; she is also someone I trust for advice and suggestions to guide me in making smart choices in my professional career.

Kelli A. Komondor

Media Moment

A Void Provides an Opportunity

To me, May offers opportunities. Perhaps it’s the longer daylight hours with vibrant flowers blooming—a sign of growth and promise. Or could be May represents gratitude, happiness and celebrations, such as Mother’s Day and prom.
Think back to the excitement you felt as a high school senior. Remember shopping for prom gowns, tuxes, and flowers? Blame me for the sky blue tux my date wore.

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Can Different Be Great?

As we ride this current disruptive path, business looks different for everyone. People say pivot. How do you pivot? I’d rather think improvise because improvise can create a pivot. What can you do right now with what you have?

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