Resilience & Sales Workshops

Mj Callaway understands the sales and business culture, demands, pressure, and let’s not forget about the competition.  With a sales and training background in highly-competitive industries such as building, construction, manufacturing and publishing, Mj sets the foundation for your team to succeed.  Presentations are available for half-day or full-day on-Site Training, a series of trainings, or a webinar.  Programs can be applied to any business and customized to solve your challenges.

Powerhouse Selling:  Power Up Your Sales

Boost Resiliency. Goodbye Rejections. Hello Revenue.

Workshop Focus:  Sales, Business Development, Business Growth, Sales Success, Resilient over Rejections

Whether your sales executives are green, they’ve flatlined, or they’re superstars, they’ll discover fresh sales tactics to accelerate positivity, productivity and profitability.  Say goodbye to “old school” sales pitches and hello to rejection-proof sales conversations.   Your team will stop spinning their wheels and close more sales.   Through participant interaction and action-able strategies, Mj reveals how your team will keep potential clients from fence-riding, tactics to find prospects’ triggers, and the value of drilling down to wipe out risk and objections.

After this workshop, your team will:

  • Eliminate the “What’s the Price?” syndrome
  • Build resiliency over rejections
  • Discover Mj’s five-questions to close more sales
  • Detect the triggers behind the buyer’s needs or wants
  • Stop the Humpty-Dumpty Syndrome, aka, fence-sitting
  • Build stronger relationships, produce better results, and increase higher revenue
Engineering Your Communication & Presentations

Get Ready to Create Effective Communication, Increase Engagement & Command Your Presentation

Workshop Focus:  Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, Strategic Presentations, Engagement, Effective Conversations

Do you have team members who could be superstar leaders…but they can’t command a meeting?  Do you have staff who get nervous when it’s their turn to talk in front of a group?  Do they need to give better presentations to co-workers, bosses, and clients?  

If you answered yes to any one of those questions, you’ve hit the jackpot.  In this interactive workshop that Mj has delivered to manufacturing, engineering, and construction companies, your team members will create effective verbal and non-verbal communication and improve presentation techniques.  Mj reveals her three strategies for communication impact, whether talking to one or many.

With completion of this workshop, your team will:

  • Engage effectively with colleagues and clients
  • Get rid of the “ums and ahs”
  • Boost verbal influence
  • Command attention when in front of others
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts in creating presentations
  • Know how to set themselves us for success

When organizations want to generate business growth, hit sales quotas, and boost productivity and profits, they call Mj Callaway at 724.396.4162 or email her at [email protected]