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Are you look for a high-energy Keynote Speaker? Are you looking for a trainer who can customize Strategic Sales Workshop? You’ve come to the right place. 

• Mj Callaway’s Most Requested Sales Keynote •

Sales Saved My Life:

How to “Bounce Up” Without Losing Sales During Setbacks

Disruptions happen daily in sales. Your rejections outnumber your sales, your prospecting funnel runs dry, or your competitor snags your largest client.  Whether it’s sales sabotage, industry downswing, or a personal crisis, life knocks you down. The difference between those who rise above disruptions and those defeated?  How you “Bounce Up” from adversity. 

Learning Objectives and Takeaways Include:

Eliminate the Sticky Ball, Hacky Sack and Superball Syndrome that loses sales.

Develop powerful verbal and non-verbal tools to implement during turbulent times.

Measure your current “Bounce Up” factor and determine the fundamental shifts to increase positivity, productivity, and profits. 

Define your “Bounce Up” blueprint to produce better results, close more sales, and hit higher quotas.

Who benefits from this program? 

Sales professionals, companies, and conference and trade show attendees who want a checklist of tools they can apply immediately to increase results, sales, and revenue. 

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• Mj Callaway’s Most Requested Keynote •

How to “Bounce Up” During Setbacks

Setbacks hit everyone.  Whether it’s infrastructure challenges, disruptive situations or a personal crisis, adversity happens. While you can’t control life’s face-plants, you can control how you “Bounce Up” from those knockdowns.  In Mj Callaway’s interactive keynote, your team members or audience will learn how to “Bounce Up” from three major roadblocks Mj coined Sticky Ball, Hacky Sack, and Superball Syndrome to stay positive, productive, and profitable. 

Learning Objectives and Takeaways Include:

Integrate three “bounce up” techniques so that your team becomes more effective with each other and clients.

Measure your current “Bounce Up” factor to determine the fundamental shifts for personal and professional success.

Develop powerful verbal and non-verbal tools to implement during turbulent times. 

Who benefits from this program? 

Associations, organizations, and companies that want to equip their professionals with the doable strategies to “Bounce Up.”