Mj’s Most Requested Programs

You don’t want to sit through another “canned” or “old school” presentation. You won’t. Using real-life stories and humorous anecdotes, Mj inspires, informs, and infuses you and your team with action-packed tips to gain positive and profitability momentum in your business, career, or life. She gets you off your feet! Whatever type of program you need, Mj Callaway’s high-energy presentations are available as a Keynote, Breakout, and On-Site Training. Her programs can be applied to any business and customized to solve your current challenges.

Bounce-Up™ During Disruptions

Boost Your Resiliency Factor to Rebound Higher

Presentation Focus:  Resiliency, Success Strategies, Results, Professional Development

Setbacks hit everyone.  Whether it’s organizational challenges, disruptive situations, or a personal crisis, unexpected events occur.  While you can’t control life’s face-plants that keep you down, you can control how you Bounce-Up™ from those knockdowns with Mj Callaway’s key techniques.  Woven into this presentation you’ll hear the powerful story of one business owner who faced back-to-back crises that tanked her livelihood and health and how she overcame it with personal conviction and resiliency.   With audience interaction, the three core elements to boost your resiliency and Bounce-Up™ Factor.  What’s the difference between those who rise above disruptions and those defeated?  How you Bounce Up.

With this presentation, you will:

  • Eliminate the three roadblocks that keeps you stuck
  • Understand how bouncing back not “Bouncing Up” undermines your success
  • Create a flexible mindset to be more effective
  • Hone your Bounce-Up™ Factor with Mj’s three key techniques
  • Activate your momentum with momentum builders
  • Integrate Bounce-Up™ techniques to become more positive, productive, and profitability

Bounce-Up™ Your Sales

Get Ready to Rejection-Proof Your Sales Conversations

Presentation Focus: Sales, Business Development, Resilient, Success Strategies, Professional Development

In sales, rejections and disruptions happen. Whether it’s sales sabotage, industry downsiding, or personal crisis, you need to figure out how to make and exceed your quota. No matter where you are in your sales career, participating in this jam-packed session will give you the strategies you need to rejection-proof your sales. Mj Callaway reveals the tactics and techniques she used to sell three times her sales quota in a male-dominated industry. You’ll walk out with ideas to Bounce-Up™ Your Sales

With this presentation, you will:

  • Get the 5 steps to rejection-proof your sales
  • Recognize your buyer’s silent clues that make or break a sale
  • Move the “fence-riders” off the fence
  • Close more sales by engaging differently with buyers
  • Discover the tactics to stay resilient in case of a rejection
  • Increase your positivity, productivity and profits

Emotions You Ignore Cost You Millions

The Sale or Non-Sale Is In Your Buyer’s Emotions

Are potential buyers only asking, “What’s the price?”  Are hot prospects saying no and going to your competition?  Are you losing sales you expected to close?  Buyers give signals from the time they walk into your company until they walk out with or without your product or service.   With audience interaction, you’ll discover how to identify the emotions behind the buyer’s non-verbal communication.  Mj reveals the 7 verbal and non-verbal clues that lose a saleMj drills down into buyers’ interactions that trigger your cash register ringing…or not.  

With this presentation, you will:

  • Recognize the overlooked signals that your sale is heading south
  • Leverage positive communication to get buyer’s engagement
  • Understand the risk your buyers feel before making a purchase


  • Know how a buyers’ emotions will show in their communication
  • Unlock buyers’ secrets with key questions
  • Discover Mj’s secret sauceL.E. system to close more sales, hit sales quotas and increase company profits. (Mj reveals her A.L.E. system in this presentation.)

You Can’t Ignore the Multi-Generation Communication

Connecting and Working with Multi-Generations

You’ve heard the comments about the generational differences.  In Mj Callaway’s presentation, you’ll discover key triggers that cause communication disruption among the generations.  Find out how major events impact generational communication.  Through audience interaction, Mj reveals what each generation wants, what they have in common, and what elements create harmony or conflict.  As you understand what events influence generational attributes, your communication becomes more effective, while productivity and results increase.

With this presentation, you will:

  • Understand what affects each generation: Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z
  • Discover misconceptions about each generation.
  • Get key insights that will help you work, manage or sell effectively with multi-generations.
  • Pinpoint the communication mistakes you’re making.
  • Know your generational interaction and how it relates to your workplace
  • Find out if your communication style blends between two generations

Note:  This presentation can be customized for sales.  It is available for sales teams, sales meetings, and sales conferences.