“I can’t rave enough about MJ’s sales training. With each thought-provoking session, we dug deeper into sales strategy and designed a road map specifically for selling my product. By the end of my 8-session program, we had created an easy to follow company sales manual to use to train my salespeople as they come on board. When I started with MJ, I was a businesswoman that loved my work, but hated selling my product. She taught me to think differently about my definition of selling. I never thought I could be this excited about sales. “

-Kiya Tomlin, Uptown Sweats


“I’ve learned more from you in one afternoon of what I need to change to increase my sales.”

-Marcie Kresic O’Brien, Marketing Director, Chick-fil-A


“I sell to mostly men in the engineering and construction industries. I didn’t think they made decisions based on emotion. I was working with a business owner who narrowed his selections to 2 offerings – one was mine. MJ talks about finding the emotional reason why someone would want your product or service. I used MJ’s techniques and close the sale.”

-Laura Nee, The Simplex Group


“Mj is a high-energy, creative dynamo, overflowing with contagious enthusiasm. She is generous with her expertise and encouraging of others. She raises the level of whatever group she is in, engaging others and bringing out the best in them.”

-Barbara Lockwood, Past President, Pennwriters


“Mj was wonderful to work with during the planning and implementation of our event! We had three presenters for our meeting, and Mj was clearly the best of all three. I recommend having Mj speak at one of your upcoming events!”

-Aaron Clarke, MPI Middle Pennsylvania


“It was so refreshing to hear you honestly speak about your experiences. Not only did I relate to and enjoy getting to know you through your motivating presentation I just loved how you had us get up out of our seats, shake our bodies, cha-cha, and reach with our hands toward the ceiling as if we are reaching for our dreams and to keep on reaching.”

-Lisa Kazimer- Area Manager


“Mj kept everyone’s attention and focus in a fun and educational setting. All of our attendees were asking for her to return. Before there can be momentum, you need a spark to set it off. Mj sure delivered that spark!”

-Daniel L. Cocks, Fayette County Cultural Trust

MJ_DesignElements-05 “Mj’s creative ideas for how to develop the brand of ‘you’ were invaluable. I highly recommend hiring Mj for your next speaking engagement.”

-Lisa Kastner, Service Delivery Manager, Capgemini Consulting


“Mj’s positive force and creative out of the box ideas kept me focused and energized during a very difficult time in career transition. In addition to her positive energy, Mj is someone who knows how inspire and motivate to the next level.”

-Mary Rosenburg, MS HRM Senior Benefits Professional


“There aren’t many people as genuine as Mj. She’s a great listener who analyzes your needs and provides innovative steps to help you take your career to the next level. What is most profound is her ability to coach your approach to closing the deal on a product or service.”

-Ben Butler, PRSSA National Vice President of Public Relations and President of Top Hat IMC


Mj shared practical tips that result in positive sales experiences for entrepreneurs in any stage of business development. Her presentation skills encouraged participation in the two way sales conversations, a memorable approach to teaching a new skill.”

-Marty Stahl, Director, Volunteers of America Pittsburgh


“Mj’s workshop on promotion is the BEST I’ve ever attended! Witty, energetic Mj relays tons of inexpensive, usable tips to get you and your work in front of your target audience in a fast-paced, fun workshop. A ‘must’ for anybody with anything to promote!”

-Susan Meir, best-selling romance author and writing instructor


“Mj has a unique coaching approach which includes intense listening and a deeply probing approach to asking questions. Her ability to inspire me to think deep and with intentionality made all the difference in working with her as my coach. Mj helped take my mind to places I never would have discovered on my own. The outcomes of our work are having a lasting impression on my business.”

-Eric Kulikowski, Leadership Coach & NSA Speaker


“I changed careers to do something more meaningful and found an opportunity to create more with my natural gifts than any other career could afford me. Though I had been liberated to better use my talents, I knew I was blocked by my skillset. Mj helped me identify the gaps in skill and then worked with me to master them. We built on my personal and professional experiences to really understand challenging situations. Many resources are available to teach sales but it takes a coach to develop control, confidence, and a readiness to apply them when it counts. Mj has allowed me to succeed at my calling and profoundly change my life.”

-Anthony C, Financial Advisor


“Mj has been a motivator, a positive influence, an exceptional champion, and has enabled me to address my sales approach in a more creative and successful way. She’s top notch!”

-Barbara Sheffield, Marketing Executive


“Mj Rocks! Mj is a master at cheering you on, clearing out the obstacles that get in the way, and getting those results – SALES! I’ve gained clarity and confidence; I’ve reconnected to the passion and joy of my work. I’ve learned how to be authentically me AND get results. I highly recommend Mj if you want to turn more prospects into clients.”

-Brenda DeCroo, ACC, MBA Leadership and Executive Coach, Founder of WISP


“It was an absolute pleasure working with Mj! She came very highly recommended by other professionals and now I know why. She is encouraging, insightful, and always has simple solutions for creating successful sales conversations. I would highly recommend Mj to anyone who wants to increase their confidence and the success of their sales.”

-Jill Payne, Simply Organized


“Thank you for all of your help and coaching, which undoubtedly led me to become a more fluent speaker and professional. Your coaching methods have made a positive impact on growing my business, so again, I can not thank you enough.”

-Adam R, Financial Advisor

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