Sales Like Football Players Need to Convert: Three Tips to Convert More Sales

On the way to a Super Bowl party a few months ago, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Steelers loss in the AFC Divisional playoff game and the similarity between sales and football.

First, I love my hometown team and all the team continues to accomplish.  After all, we have six Super Bowl Championship titles.  Having the coach’s wife as one of my clients makes me a fierce fan.

Moving on.

In the playoff game, twice, the Steelers couldn’t convert the fourth-and-1.   They lost the ball.  It happens in sales, too.  You take your buyer on the sales journey, you’ve made progress the entire way and you’re almost home.  You know you can close the sale.   You’re one question away.  Like the Steelers being 1 yard away.  Then, it happens.  You couldn’t convert.  The sale goes to your competitor like the AFC Divisional playoff win went to the Jaguars.

According to The TAS Group study, 67% of sales professional don’t meet their sales quotas.


That’s a lot of sales not being converted.

Often, sales professional say, “Mj, I need more help closing sales.”

No, you don’t.

You need to re-think your sales conversations.  Closing starts long before the “ask.”  Here are three key strategies to converting the sale.

  1. Set up your conversation so you are more of a partner with your buyer.
  2. Ask the right targeted questions to discover the emotions driving your buyer.
  3. Before you ask for the sale, know your position. Uncover and knock out those objections along the way so you have a clear path to a win for both you and your buyer.

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