“My girlfriend is a trainer, too. Now she’s the know-it-all,” the salesperson stated.

Two things crossed my mind. I recalled the beginning of our conversation when the salesperson shared he shared he was married, as he was trying to build rapport. I wondered if he had a wife and a girlfriend. Or did he have a girlfriend and he wasn’t married. Second, he considered his girlfriend a know-it-all because she’s a trainer.

Though I wasn’t in the market, yet, for his company’s service, it was something I planned to purchase in 2016. I explained my position and listened.

“Some of my clients are a pain in the a##.”

Did he seriously say that to a perspective client?

He rambled on.

He asked for the sale.

Let’s count three ways he lost the sale.

  1. He changed his story he used to connect to his prospect, causing a lack of trust.
  2. The negative comment about the buyer’s professional field.
  3. His derogatory comment about his clients.

Though other sales sins surfaced during this conversation, disrespect toward his buyers became the key ingredient that killed this sale.

Sometimes, in our tunnel vision path to make a sale, we lose sight of the way we say something and how it can project a different image than the one we want to paint.

Three Crucial Rules to Live By When You’re in Sales:

  1. Respect individuals you serve and those around you. Respecting others will show in significant ways.
  2. Make buyers feel good. Though this sounds obvious, with a tunnel vision focus, you could be missing the signs buyers are not feeling “good.”
  3. Replace any words, phrases or statements which can offend your buyers and paint a different image than the one you want. What do you need to replace with positive ones?

Remember, 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they’re being treated, according to McKinsey research


Sales Retention Trainer Mj Callaway works with sales teams in the building and construction field, pinpointing the gap in your sales conversations that can cost you sales.  Avoid the mistakes sales consultants make with Mj’s guidance. As a speaker, sales trainer and author of three best-selling books, Mj is one call away from speaking at your next conference, meeting, or customizing a sales training workshop for your sales teams and non-sales staff. Contact Mj today at 724.396.4172 or Mj@MjCallaway.com




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