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Three Ways to Coach Your Sales Team to Be More Productive

Sitting at a café waiting for a colleague, I heard a sales manager yelling at one of his team members.  Because his deep voice was getting louder as the conversation continued, it was hard to miss.  Between his abrupt tone and his red face, I couldn’t ignore it.

“Set up more calls.  Get more appointments.”

Sadly, this old-school browbeating sales teams continues to rear its ugly head.  Does it really motivate sales professionals to do more for you?  No.  Before you know it, you’ll be placing a “help wanted” ad.

Here are three practical tips to positively coach your sales team.

  1. Think volleyball game.  Managers seem to jump in with demands from “make more calls” to “hit your quotas.”  The results?  Salespeople tune out the sales manager.  Same message.  Different day.  When the dialogue looks more like a volleyball game instead of a batting cages where you’re throwing demands like a fast pitch, your salespeople will respond more positively to you. Turn the demands into questions that prompt your sales team to think and respond.
  2. Eliminate “why?” During my days in Corporate America as a top sales producer, the district sales manager always asked “why” questions, such as “Why didn’t this customer close?”  Why questions always put others, especially your sales professionals, on the defensive.   Delete “why” questions.  Use “how, what or where” questions to create better communicate and results with your team.
  3. Provide tools. Give your team the tools they need to improve their game.  If you’re stating, “take more appointments” or “make more calls” without helping your team figure out where they are losing sales, you’re beating up your sales team.  Give them a system to follow for their conversations, provide training for them so they stop spinning their wheels, and offer them solutions to increase their close ratio.  If you can’t decipher where they are losing sales, hire someone who can.

Sales teams are the foundation of your company.  Acknowledge their contribution.  It’s up to you to give them the tools they need to improve their game and your company’s revenue.

As an expert in building relationships which produce results to increase revenue, Mj Callaway gives building and construction company owners and sales managers the tools they need to earn their buyers trust while building high-producing sales teams.  After two decades in sales and sales training, Mj equips your sales team with the techniques she created to sign more than $14 Million Dollars a year in contracts in a male-dominated field and sold $40 million dollars+ on behalf of companies to the Millennial Generation.  

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