Three Ways Objections Will Lose Your Sale – Meet Objections Candidly to Save Your Sales

Digital visualization of a burning dollars

Digital visualization of a burning dollars

by Mj Callaway, CSP

Objections can be considered the smoldering cigarette tossed into a forest ready to burst into flames without warning.  In a recent training session, one of my workshop attendees asked “How can I overcome the objection of someone being loyal to a current provider.”

Most salespeople and business owners ignore objections.  Clients say they hope by ignoring them they won’t be mentioned. I remember the first time I was hit with an objection.  I was selling donuts in high school. I didn’t know it was considered an objection then.

Objections hit an emotional trigger for salespeople, which causes them to take the objection as a rejection. It becomes personal.  As an adult, you take it personally, imagine as a teenager. When you take it personally, you step into your perspective and away from your buyer’s viewpoint.

Then, one of three actions happen: oversell, defend, or freeze.

  1. Oversell: Try way too hard to sell.  Tell the buyer they’re getting more than he needs when he hasn’t asked for it or require it.
  2. Defend: Get defensive about your product/service.  Over-promised or over-exaggerated why you or your company is the best thing since the Apple iPhone.
  3. Freeze: Stuck in place and unsure what to say.  Sometimes salespeople will sputter a few words to overcome it or brush it aside. Or you might not say anything and let the sales conversation and buyer fade away.

Rather than leaving objections linger in silence over your conversation, take the initiative.  Be the one to open the conversation to a common objection you hear.

Here’s a simple solution to rock more sales.

* Simply acknowledge reoccurring or common objections first.  Then, ask “How is that a concern of yours?”

* Be careful to ask it with a “how” rather than “Is this a concern of yours?”  Read more about targeted questions, which give bigger results.

You’re candidly talking about those objections.  You’ll stay in your buyer’s viewpoint.  By asking an open-ended, targeted question, you hear your buyer’s concerns about that specific objection and you’ve opened the conversation to rock more sales!

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