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Build Relationships. Generate Results. Increase Revenue.  

Sales Training Services

“I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your well put together and certainly motivational sales presentation for our Network of Dealers.  Your willingness to take the time to learn about our business prior to the conference and tailor the presentation to our needs made it a huge success.  Thank you again for helping usRev-Up Our Revenue’!”

Kevin Dickey, President, CurrentSAFE, LLC


“Mj spent a lot of time behind the scenes researching our company and the competitors in our market.  When she came in to train my team she was incredibly well prepared as if she had been working in my company for years.  Our sales grew 17% in the next 12 months and I firmly believe her training had a strong impact on this growth.

Ben Nicklas, Sales Manager, SPLASH Kitchen and Bath

Build Relationships. Generate Results. Increase Revenue.

Get a competitive edge when you Bounce Up during Disruptions, Rejections, or Adversity!

I work with sales and services organizations including Building, Building Trades, Building-Related Fields like Financial Industry, and Construction that want to inspire, inform and infuse staff with action-packed strategies to “Bounce Up” during disruptions so that they can boost productivity, close more sales and increase profits.

I get it. I’ve worked with over 500 sales and services professionals from Millennials to Boomers and I’ve been in the trenches, too. I know what it’s like to have more quotes to produce than work hours in high season and struggling sales in low season. Add in rejections, demanding clients, competition sabotage, industry downswing, infrastructure changes, external vendor turnover, multiple deadlines and the ever-present quota. Did I forget anything? 

Let’s give your team the tools they need “Bounce Up” during disruptive times so they can boost performance and profits.  Call me today at 724.396.4162.


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Here’s How Mj Can Help You

Not Your Typical Sales Training

Discover the gaps in your sales conversations which stall or stop a sale. Mj provides the key sales strategies your teams need to recognize the Warning Signs before losing a sale and how to redirect your conversation to close more sales.

High-Energy Presentations

Your team will walk away with doable tips to become more resilient during disruptions in Mj’s Bounce Up: The New Resiliency to Bounce Higher and Stronger during Disruptions.  “Loved your fresh approach.  I took lots of notes to implement.” – Donna H.  Or       …………………………………………………………

Customized Coaching For You

Take the Express Track to achieve your sales success goals or change the way you handle disruptions, rejections, and setbacks. Through customized coaching, your change will create your success.

Mj Callaway & Co.

Mj's Sales Success

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